We Are Barbarians

We do not protect the most innocent among us. We are barbarians.

Under current laws, an innocent child in his or her mother's womb can legally be killed. Our eyes are blinded to this absurdity. We have never seen this innocent child, yet we know he or she is there. A life breathes. A human being is growing, however small and hidden from sight, inside what should be the safest place on earth...a mother's womb.

Think this over carefully.

Would we consider taking older children to a clinic to be killed? Would we dress children in their school clothes, put shoes on their feet, and if the weather was cold, coats on their bodies and hats on their heads, hold their hands when they crossed the street and hand them over to a "professional" who would take them into a private room and kill them? Maybe we wouldn't hold their hand when crossing the street. They are going to be eliminated. The instinct to hold a hand and protect from traffic would be...well, hypocritical. Why protect someone you are delivering over to death?

What if we had four children and decided to keep one and bring in three to be killed? Would we care and protect the one and keep a distance in our hearts for the others? Would we not hold their hands, but only hold the hand of the one we keep? Would we separate ourselves from the three and draw close to the one?

What if they were afraid on this journey to the clinic? What if they sensed something bad was going to happen to them and needed comfort? What if they were scared? Would we comfort them? Would we hold their hand? We want to hold their hand. We want to protect them, but, no, we have decided to have them killed. We must not get attached. God given instinct to protect and nurture must be squelched.

Would we look at them waiting for their turn and reach out one last time? No, we must not. We have decided to have them killed. They are not worth the touch of a warm hand grasping theirs.

No one is wrenching them from our loving grip. No one is dragging them away from our desperate screams. No one is demanding that we hand over them over to a murderous butcher. It is our choice. We have made an appointment and pay someone to do this for us.

The above scenario is absurd.

Would we do this? No.

Tell me. What is the difference?

One thing differs: age.

We are barbarians.

We are barbarians if we allow taxpayer funded abortions.

Civil Rights for the Unborn!