Slave Code of Massachusetts Continued

A slave code of Massachusetts act on the same subject, August, 1712, recited "that divers conspiracies, outrages, barbarities, murders, burglaries, thefts, and other notorious crimes and enormities, at sundry times, and especially of late, have been perpetrated and committed by Indians and other slaves within several of her majesty's plantations in America, being of a surly and revengeful spirit, rude and insolent in their behavior, and very ungovernable, the over great number and increase whereof within this province is likely to prove of pernicious and fatal consequences to her majesty's subjects and interest here unless speedily remedied, and is a discouragement to the importation of white Christian servants,

Recalcitrant Slave is Flogged by Slave-Drivers

Recalcitrant Slave is Flogged by Slave-Drivers
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this province being differently circumstanced from the plantations in the islands, and having great numbers of the Indian natives of the country within and about them, and at this time under the sorrowful effects of their rebellion and hostilities;" in consideration of all which, the further import of Indian slaves is totally prohibited, under pain of forfeiture to the crown.

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