No one should have to suffer slavery

No one should have to suffer slavery

Ancilla, a tender and innocent little girl has been lost. She is eight years old, she is 17 and she is 12. She is Cambodian, Ukrainian, Canadian and African. She was born in your town, in a city, in a village, in a hospital and in a hovel. She has clear blue eyes and deep dark brown eyes and when you look deeply they are emerald green. Her skin is pale, beautiful, dark, olive and flawless with multiple scars and open wounds. She knows her family, but no longer remembers what it was like living with them. She is clever, has intellectual disabilities, is fluent in multiple languages, but is afraid to speak.

She works to pay for her family’s debt, her parents’ safety, her sister’s wellbeing and her own freedom. During the day, she serves coffee, cares for children, makes bricks, cleans buildings, sews and provides sexual favours to men. During the night, she is raped, beaten, starved, drugged and desecrated. She lies awake in fear, hoping for respite from the torture she lives while sleeping in exhaustion, dreaming of terrors that will force her awake.

The life she lives is dark, hidden and worse than death. But she is not dead. She is very much alive, fighting, clamouring and choking her way through every moment of every day, fixing her eyes on the sunlight that breaks through the crack in the shutter blind. Yes, she is alive, forgotten, hidden and rejected and her one and only hope is to be found.

Ancilla is the Latin word for slave girl. Although the abolishment of slavery is claimed to be an indicator of evolved humanity, a shocking 27 million human slaves are still being held captive as property, used solely for the pleasure and consumption of evil men and women.


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