Muslim Cleric Justifies Use of Slaves as Prostitutes

Muslim Cleric Justifies Use of Slaves as Prostitutes

On June 14th, video clips of a Muslim cleric were broadcast on Fox News. The cleric was justifying the use of slave girls as prostitutes. According to him, it is perfectly all right for Muslim men to have sexual relations or affairs with slaves, but not with “real” Muslim women.

One Muslim woman from Kuwait described how slave and “real” Muslim women should dress. A slave woman may show skin above her waist, but a real Muslim woman must have only her hands and partial face exposed to hide her beauty. She mentioned the war in Chechnya and suggested that non-Muslim prisoners from Chechnya should be purchased by Muslim slave traders to sell. The women would be sold to Muslim men to keep them from fornicating and having affairs with real Muslim women. This would work like shopping for a new car. A man would go to the slave trader’s show room and pick out the slave woman that the buyer thinks would satisfy his carnal desires. By doing so, this gives me the impression that he would remain pure to the Muslim faith and his wife.

By the same token, the men would be sold as laborers. When the slave finishes the work required by his purchaser, he could be returned to the slave market to be resold, over and over again.

The Muslim cleric also stated that homosexuality would not be tolerated and those found guilty of homosexuality will be stoned to death.

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