Modern Day Slavery in America

Modern Day Slavery in America

Now you’ve probably heard the term human trafficking at least once in your life. That simply refers to moving a slave from one place to another, whether that be across international boarders or simply transporting a slave from one state to another. Human trafficking is today’s slave trade—but not slavery itself.

Although numbers are hard to estimate because of the nature of today’s slavery, it is said that there are 27 million slaves today around the world and about 15,000 slaves who are trafficked into America each year.

Human trafficking is the 2nd largest illegal business in the world today after drug trafficking. It is even said that many drug traffickers are beginning to switch to human trafficking. Why? Because when you traffic drugs, you can only use and sell them once. When you traffic humans, you can use and sell them as many times as you want. Bottom line: human trafficking is much more profitable.

Now how does someone become enslaved in America? Obviously every person has a different story, but there are a few general profiles as to how it happens.

American run-aways make easy targets for sex traffickers. A lost child who is looking for someone to take care of them and house them can easily fall for a trafficker’s tricks. All the trafficker has to do is tell the child promises of a job or a place to stay or even a pseudo-Dad or pseudo-Mom. Once the trafficker gets the child to come with him, he forces the child into prostitution or other work, or sells the child to another trafficker in another state.

Sometimes traffickers will even kidnap American girls and boys, traffic them to another state, and force them work.

But many people are lured into slavery in America under the guise of a promising job opportunity. Families that live in extreme poverty in other countries are unaware of slaveholder’s tactics and many times desperate to break away from poverty’s cruel grasp.

The slaveholder—appearing to be pleasant and amiable—will coax these impoverished people into coming by making promises like, “I can get you a good job in America, you’ll earn $10 an hour, you’ll have food and shelter there, and you can send the money back to your family and provide for them, and one day you’ll be able to get a good education at an American college.”

And willingly these people go along. The slaveholder purchases a passport for them and traffics them from their homeland into America.

Yet once they land in America, they realize they have stepped into a trap, of which they cannot get out.

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