Civil Rights for the Unborn

Yes, Civil Rights for the Unborn! Now. Soon. This atrocity has to end. Just like slavery ended and as we look back none of us can hardly imagine such a thing existing legally in the USA, abortion must end....soon!

I read a statistic this week: 3,000 abortions were performed in Iowa City, Iowa, last year. That's an average of eight tiny unprotected babies slaughtered every day in one Iowa city alone...legally.

This has to stop.

I drove by the Emma Goldman clinic in Iowa City, where most of these killings take place, on my way to catching the Mega Bus to Chicago two weeks ago and people were on the sidewalk with signs. The one I easily read as I drove by was, "Abortion Hurts Women".

I thank God for people like this who care, not only for the lost helpless lives but also for the exploited women who get hurt emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically by having an abortion.

Abortion "providers", which includes a vast array of people who are involved in the abortion chain including receptionists, cleaning ladies, garbage services, maintenance workers, medical suppliers, not to mention "doctors" and "nurses", are not providing a helpful service at all, instead, they are destroying our national and private consciences.

Each and every person involved in the abortion chain will be held responsible for their contribution to these mass murders.

They need to wake up and realize the negative degradation they are causing in our society. The abortion chain needs to crumble, piece by piece, until there can be found nobody to "clean up" after the murders, until nobody will provide snow removal in the parking lot, until no company will pick up the "garbage" at such horrible places.

The most innocent among us need our help. They cannot speak for themselves, they cannot plead for their lives. Will you be their voice? We must cry out against abortion.

How can we call ourselves civilized when we legally allow the mass destruction of our precious offspring?

We are barbarians if we do not demand civil rights for the unborn.

Civil Rights for the Unborn!