Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important that we also consider where the black community finds itself today and how knowing its proud history can help it prepare for the future.

Black history is more than a study of how blacks contributed to and fit into American history. It must look back further into the past and celebrate black culture hundreds of years older than America. It is a history worth studying.

Recent letters to the editor in The Jackson Sun raised questions about whether blacks have a deep enough understanding and appreciation for their own history, including their ancient history in Africa, the Middle East, South America and the earliest days of North America.

We study history to become more aware of who we are today. Past accomplishments and struggles helped mold every racial and ethnic group. Knowing and understanding your ancestors helps create an individual's personal identity.

Interior of a Slave-Ship Showing How Neatly the Slaves were Stowed in the Hold

Interior of a Slave-Ship Showing How Neatly the Slaves were Stowed in the Hold

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Black history is about more than slavery and the civil rights movement. It also is about ancient civilizations that built great cities, made important scientific discoveries and built great societies. To not understand these aspects of black history is to short change today's blacks and to deny them a proud link to the past.

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