Austria, Hungary to strengthen cooperation in combating human trafficking

Austria, Hungary to strengthen cooperation in combating human trafficking

Austria and Hungary have agreed to strengthen cooperation in combating human trafficking, Austria's Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.

According to agreed plans, which will be implemented in mid September, there should be greater controls on hinterland transport connections to Austria, a daily information exchange and a new investigation team, in addition to a joint border operation.

The ministry said they would be equipped with corresponding border surveillance technology such as thermal imaging vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, CO2 probes and helicopters.

An Austrian-Hungarian team will also be formed for investigating organizers of trafficking crimes, which will cooperate with experts from Serbia to combat the currently highly active smuggling networks in the area of Subotica in Serbia.

Speaking of police actions in recent weeks, during which 200 illegal immigrants and 12 traders were seized, Austria's Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said the operation was to "give clear signals to the trader" and destruct the networks behind it.

As a next step, Austria will also intensify cooperation with Serbia in fighting against human trafficking, according to the interior minister.

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