Stop the Abortion Mandate

What is the Abortion Mandate?

Mandate [man-deyt] noun, verb – an authoritative order or command; to order or require.

* Do you want to pay for abortions?
* Are you comfortable with a health care plan that forces doctors to perform abortions, even though it’s against their conscience?
* Are you okay with at least one abortion clinic in your neighborhood?
* Do you want to pay a tax if you decide not to enroll in the government public plan that covers abortion?

A recent poll in Ohio showed 70% of those surveyed oppose using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions and 63% of Americans support conscience protection rules.

Americans don’t want a baby killing mandate; they don’t want taxpayer funded abortions; they don’t want President Obama and Washington bureaucrats taking over health care.

( Go here for the complete website Stop the Abortion Mandate.

We are barbarians.

The day a society thinks it can "get away" with killing its own offspring without dire consequences is not only a sad day, it is the beginning of the end for that society.

We are that society. Civil Rights for the UNBORN!

Children are precious. The most precious gift God can give us is a child. Only God with His infinite ability can create life. We have no right in any way, shape or form to take away that innocent life. I am sure that such a thing never entered God's mind.

If you read the Old Testament, God is always bringing judgment and punishment on nations who "let their children go through the fire". Any country that had child sacrifice, God opposed that country. I will repeat: Such a thing never entered into God's mind. Satan, the enemy of God, has tricked our society into killing our own offspring.

It is time we wake up and forbid this to happen. Slavery was terrible. Abortion is worse. Abortion must be abolished as slavery was.

We must cry out against abortion.


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Civil Rights for the Unborn!