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This slave site is dedicated to each and every individual on the face of this earth who has either lived and died or is still living without enjoying common human rights which should be freely available for all including the most innocent of all...unborn babies.

While we can rejoice at the advancement against common slavery in the United States of America, we must not forget the countless millions around the world who are still entrapped by various sorts of enslavement.

Slave Sale Notice, Published in Charleston, South Carolina, 24th July 1769
Slave Sale Notice, Published in Charleston, South Carolina, 24th July 1769
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Along with Martin Luther King, Jr. the owner of this site joins with him in "Having a Dream" that each and every man, woman, child and unborn baby, of every race, will some day all enjoy complete human rights.

Reflections of a Slave Trader, 1845

"When the runners returned from the interior with the slaves required to complete the Areostatico's cargo, I considered it my duty to the Italian grocer of Regla to dispatch his vessel personally.

Accordingly, I returned on board to aid in stowing one hundred and eight boys and girls, the eldest of whom did not exceed fifteen years of age!

As I crawled between decks, I confess I could not imagine how this little army was to be packed or draw breath in a hold but twenty-two inches high! Yet the experiment was promptly made, inasmuch as it was necessary to secure them below in descending the river, in order to prevent their leaping overboard and swimming ashore.

I found it impossible to adjust the whole of them in a sitting posture; but we made them lie down in each other's laps, like sardines in a can, and in the way obtained space for the entire cargo.

Strange to tell, when the Areostatico reached Havana, but three of these "passengers" had paid the debt of nature.

I did my duty--dreadful as it was."

Interior of a Slave-Ship Showing How Neatly the Slaves were Stowed in the Hold
Interior of a Slave-Ship Showing How Neatly the Slaves were Stowed in the Hold
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And, so, on this Martin Luther King Jr. day, January 19, 2009, this site begins.

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